What is tantra? It seems like an easy question. Not that easy to answer. Before I got into tantra and this kind of lifestyle, I thought just like many people around the world in Western societies. I thought that tantra was just about sex, but I was wrong. It’s not, I was interested in it because of the sex sexual aspect for a long time, but I never really looked into it or spent the time looking into it.

And my ex partner, I went to a 10 tra night, one night. I liked it, but I kind of like just left it and never approached it again. But when me and him got divorced, I became a lot more interested in tantra again, because I had some sexual encounters with men, uh, Optima divorce that were kind of like. Is that old areas.

So I was looking for, for a connection, but I didn’t know it at the time. And often my first few tantric classes, I discovered that you can have so much of a deep connection with people after every tantric workshop that I went to. I just came out and glowing and thinking about different perspectives, rethinking myself and just healing myself in different ways.

And so I just. And knew that this was incredibly powerful tool slash path to follow. Just wanted to immerse myself fully. And I became a tantra teacher. I’m still a very new tantra teacher and I’m still trying to grasp the enormity of what I have gotten myself into because as soon as I started delving into tantra, DPI discovered that the question of what is tantra isn’t actually.

We as easy to answer. And the reason for this is because there are so many different pots. Tantra is the westernized tantra that’s ancient tantrum. Excuse me. Hi. Hi. My name is SIF wild and. I’m going to cat button, my face, even an ancient tantra, they would different types of 10 try different arms. And then some of the information has been lost throughout the ages.

Some of the teachings thrived and moved up, but in a lot of cases, it was a very sacred practice that kind of just traveled from one teacher to another. So not many people did have access to. To it. And so tantra, I guess, evolved depending on the teachers that would passing on this information and their perspective on the world, because each one of us has a different perspective on the world.

Tantra is a bit of an negative David Gray, who I have no idea who he is, but he’s on he’s on Wikipedia, scribes, tantra as tantra traditions, many folds. Spending several religious traditions and cultural worlds as a result, they are also diverse, which makes it a significant challenge to come up with an adequate definition.

And according to George, Kirsteen also off Wikipedia. The scope of the topics discussed in the tantras is considerable. They deal with the creation and history of the world, the names and functions of a great variety of male and female DTS and other higher beings. The types of rich worship, especially of goddesses magic.

and divination esoteric physiology, the mapping of the subtle or psychic body, the awakening of the mysterious serpent power, the Kundalini shock key techniques of bodily and mental purification, the nature of enlightenment and not least sacred sexual. Yeah. So no one that everyone is freaking confused.

Oh sure. Kind of made tantra a little bit more mainstream in the West guy that had a bit of controversy around him. I actually kind of liked some of his teachings. He has a different perspective and you can learn a lot. He describes tantra in this way. Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life.

And through this love remembering our essence, the divine tantra is a life path, which to me sounds, it was beautiful and it’s much easier than the other ones to explain, but that’s. Essentially, what I’m getting out of tantra is a life path because it encompasses, encompasses, brings in all different parts of your life.

And so there’s a lot to learn and a lot to benefit from. Mantra isn’t all about six. And one way that I’ve heard being described was by a teacher called Anjeli love. And she always talks about how tantra isn’t about suppression, but it’s also not about indulgence. It’s directly in the middle. Well, in the West, We have a lot of suppression and a lot of indulgence because of that suppression in the first place, the sexual energy is sir person and SERP powerful.

It’s going to come out in some way, no matter how hard we try to suppress it because sexual energy is our life force. At the moment, what we’re seeing, it’s not really that positive on these two ends of the spectrum. There’s people getting hurt people that. Uh, never able to earn the part of themselves that is sexual.

And the fact that six is the most innocent, natural thing in the world. We all came from it. Why is it that pregnancy is seen as cert innocent, but six is seen as dirty or taboo or something that you should be ashamed of or guilted about sex is what led to that innocence. Pregnancy, and then the beautiful baby being born.

So why I like it doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t make sense. One of the beauties of modern tantra is that it’s helping us to just be able to learn and educate ourselves properly on this area of. Why and just be able to understand ourselves and each other a lot better. And that’s why the West has gotten stuck on the six pots of tantra.

I love the fact that tantra has become a channel for us to be able to reclaim this part of ourselves, to be able to just feel the freedom of being able to experience and explore this side of ourselves without feeling shame without being judged and without feeling guilt for doing what is natural for us, just maybe.

We can accept that feeling pleasure in sex and in everyday life, maybe we can accept that pleasure is a new way of being that to feel joy and happiness is the way forward. You know, what we’re taught about sex these days is from either porn or experiences or the crappy sex education at schools. What modern sex.

Education doesn’t teach is how we can experience pleasure. It doesn’t teach about boundary setting and knowing what we do. And won’t listening to our intuition, listening to our body’s wisdom, the sacredness of sex, the energetic exchange that happens. During six reaching orgasm and being multi-orgasmic for both men and women without ejaculating.

I didn’t even know that was possible for men, but it is so empowering. Self-expression being able to express ourselves freely more than sexual education. Doesn’t teach about the art of slowing down. It doesn’t teach about equals between the man and the woman and having. Respect for each other during courtship and the sexual act and afterwards as well.

And also how the message and feminine energies work and how they can unite modern sexual education. Doesn’t teach about letting go of the ego and coming from a place of just. Pureness modern sexual education. Doesn’t teach about how to communicate with our partner and talk about our sexual desires and needs and building better relationships and so much more modern sexual education.

Doesn’t it. Teach that. So here comes tantra that is teaching all of this. We’re starved for this type of education. Our societies and our cultures are suffering because we’re not educating ourselves in different areas of life, such as six on kind of seems to get the earn thing from it. And everyone benefits in different ways.

Essentially it is here as an opportunity. To be able to reclaim our power. And that’s when we experienced more freedom and more connection to others, more connection to us selves and more connection to the world around us. And that’s when we start to respect ourselves others and the world around us and our communities.

I’ve seen it heal trauma it’s helps me heal my urn trauma. It’s a tool. There’s many different tools around the world that can help us reach these States by tantra is just one of them. And you got to make sure that you decide which tool you want to use for your own unlocking of your own truth, because that’s what tantra does it mocks helps you unlock your own truth.

And it makes you think about a different perspective and a different way of living life. That’s just so beautiful. It helps us decondition ourselves, from what we’ve been conditioned to believe and how we’re supposed to act. We’re allowed to express Laura ourselves. So in a nutshell, I’ve tried to explain to myself as well as T itself, what modern tantra is, what ancient tantra is, or kind of that we.

What we know, and that’s in a nutshell, I know there might be some hardcore tantric is watching this video that do not like my explanation, but I’ve tried my hardest and I think I’ve done. Okay. At least. So in this video, I tried to explain my view of tantra and everyone, his view might be different based on their own experiences and what they’ve learned, the books they’ve read and all, all sorts of things.

This has kind of made sense of a few different things and why I’m so passionate about it and why I think it can change the world for the better. If it comes from a place of love and good intentions, these are powerful tools for us to be able to use. And that’s it. I think that’s it for now, because this may have discombobulated your brain.

Just like, I feel it has mine, but. I have a friend where we always discuss discombobulate our brains. And, um, she said that it says that it’s brain exercise and we exercise our bodies and sometimes it’s good to exercise our brains as well. So we’re building those thinking muscles. Either in a positive or a negative way, you decide you enjoyed this video, even though it was all over the place.

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Let’s connect. Love you, Phoenix.