how’d you sleep good. I couldn’t get any sleep last night. It was so hot. If you don’t mind that I slept naked. I didn’t think you would mind. I just didn’t want you to be surprised when these came out.

Yeah, I have a lot to do today. Are you working?

Well, we should just both take the day off. What do you think you’re going to just lay around naked?

Well, don’t make me say it.

You mean? You see, you’re ready to start the day.

Do you want to fool around a little?

I’ll take it out. I want to watch you first. Why? Because I like to see how you like it. You know, I like to watch you do it first, so take it out. Don’t be shy. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I like it.

It’s really, really big in the morning. Can you now show me how you like it.

Okay. Start off slow. Okay.


you’re so fucking hard

for me, right? Yeah. That’s my car. Only my cock. Right? Maybe go a little bit faster.

You’re telling a little bit,

love how your cum tastes and love eating it.


your turn


I want the build up to be really intense.

Yeah. Just get the temp. Like how, how would it is of your town? Just circle the tip of my finger. Cause I know that’s how you like it. Right?

Grab your balls. Give them a nice little squeeze. Yeah, you like that?

Seeing you so hard. It makes me so sad,

but I’m not going to touch myself. That’s your job later. All right. Okay. Asked her, asked her you want to come don’t you all right. Come from me. I want to see your load. I want to see how much it is.

That’s a lie. I want to taste it.

That was nice.

Call your boss and just take the day off. I promise you we’ll have a lot of fun.

All right, I’ll see you when you get home. All right, bye.